Suzana Blowout Sale!

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Just one of the Amazing Suzana Makeups

Just one of the Amazing Suzana Makeups

Say Goodbye to Suzana! With a new skin on the horizon, LionSkins is making room for new inventory and having a blowout sale on the Suzana Line. Over 60 makeups in 4 skin tones (freckles too), we’re selling Suzana at a limited time for the price of only 120 Lindens.

When the sale is over, Suzana will be gone forever, having been retired with the Zee Line. If you’re looking for unique runway makeups, glamor skins, or something for every day wear, come down to LionSkins’ main store before it fills up! The last time we had this sale, people were packed in the store, so come early! Come often! But don’t miss your opportunity to own some of these amazing skins for just 120 linden.

That’s over 90 percent off it’s original price! Help us to say goodbye to this fantastic skin with style! We can’t wait to see you here. It’s so hard for us to say goodbye to a skin that brought us such love. But we’re getting ready for a brand new look in which we continue to change the traditional definition of beauty.

Warm Regards,


Olyvia Zenovka, COO

Lion Jonesford, CEO


You’re Invited!

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You’re cordially invited to attend the party of the weekend! It is with great pleasure LionSkins announces the winners of the Personality II Contest. In order to give it the platform it deserves, we are hosting a fabulous party with dancing, prizes, and YOU are invited. Come and celebrate with us, family and friends, to celebrate each of our wonderful entries and award the grand prize package!

Kate Stockholm will be joining us, to present the photoLIFE studio to our grand prize winner…and we will be providing the skins! You don’t want to miss it, and we sure don’t want to miss you! For any questions, please don’t hesitate to IM me!

When: Saturday 02/28/09 at 2:30-5:30 SL Time
Where: LionSkins Main Store, on the roof. Follow the LM and take the TP up!
Entertainment: DJ Azufr3 Catteneo

Olyvia Zenovka
COO, LionSkins

Personality II Entries

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LionSkins extends it’s appology in having the entries posted to the blog so late. However, without further delay!  Here are some more of the entries.  Keep your eyes posted for the invitation to the party announcing the contest winner!  (Here’s a hint:  It’s Saturday at 2:3-!)

Without further delay, here are the pictures!

Join us Saturday for the big announcement.  Details will come in invitation to be posted within 36 hours.

Personality II Entries

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There are More to Come! Entries will be posted each weekend. Don’t forget to get your entry in before it’s too late! You could win the entire SU Line in one Skin Tone, as well as a photoLIFE Studio!!

Personality Contest II

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Contest II

Contest II

LionSkins, staying true to their traditional nature and an never ending need to know what it is that makes women tick, is announcing our second annual Personality Contest! Due to the overwhelming participation of the last contest, LionSkins has decided to run the Personality Contest a second time, this time celebrating the launch of their .:[SU]:. Skin. We have been blessed to have the unique experience of joining with photoLIFE as their February stop to Kate’s Tour!

The contest rules are rather simple. Have your photo taken either professionally or a simple snapshot. While we prefer a photoLIFE studio be used, we will not disqualify entries that have not used a PL studio. The management of photoLIFE has graciously donated a studio to be used on the roof of LionSkins for the duration of the contest so that everyone has an equal opportunity to access one of the studios. Along with your photo, please provide a small paragraph on a note card on how LionSkins helps you to express your personality.

Entries must be received by February 23, 2009 at 11:59pm Second Life Time. Pass your notecard to OLYVIA ZENOVKA for your entry to be valid. Any questions please contact OLYVIA ZENOVKA for further details.

All contest entries will be placed for public viewing on our flickr group, as well as our blog.

First Place: Entire Skin Line of .:[SU]:. In one skin tone (40 skins) and a photoLIFE studio.
Second Place: 10 skins of your choosing
Third Place : 5 Skins of your choosing

Rules Guidelines:
-Photo of yourself preferably in a PhotoLife Studio (we will provide one on the roof for the duration of the contest). You can take the photo yourself or have it professionally done.

– Contest participants MUST use a Lion Skins .:[SU]:. Skin (including Noir limited edition). This is to help us with our quest to change the traditional definition of beauty, and how we can help women express the different facets of their personality through skin/make ups.

– Notecard must provide the following information and be labeled in the following manner, “YOUR NAME – LionSkins Personality 2”:
– Participants name
– Name of the Skin in the Photo
– How LionSkins helps you to express your personality.
– FULL Permissions Picture/Texture

**Once receieved, entries become the property of LionSkins to be used for the promotion of this contest.**